New York

3-17-05: PRO KICKBOXING & PRO MUAY THAI is NOT Regulated By The New York Boxing Commission. However, according to the "VERY OLD" list of accepted "Karate" organizations for the state of New York, only one Kickboxing and Muay Thai sanctioning body has been allowed to sanction Pro Kickboxing or Pro Muay Thai in the State of New York, the WKA.

It's sad when "Politics" control the growth of Kickboxing & Muay Thai or ANY Fight Sport for that matter in any State. In New York, the fate of Pro Kickboxing & Muay Thai and it's growth have been held back for years now due to various "Politics" associated with the New York State Athletic Commission and the sanctioning body, WKA, World Karate Association (Pre 1998) and the WKA, World Kickboxing Association (Post 1999). The politics relate to what has been well known and well documented as "The List" of approved Kickboxing & Muay Thai Sanctioning Bodies. This "LIST" is a list from "YEARS" ago that was a list of Approved "KARATE" organizations, "NOT" Kickboxing or Muay Thai organizations or sanctioning bodies. Due to some "Political" maneuvering, WKA was able to make claim that their "Kickboxing & Muay Thai" organization was the "Approved" WKA on this "List", when in reality, it was the World KARATE Association, which "At the time" did "NOT" include Kickboxing or Muay Thai. The New York State Boxing/Athletic Commission has been requested "MANY" times to either update the list with other "Credible" Kickboxing and Muay Thai Sanctioning Bodies such as the IKF, ISKA and some others, or simply take over Pro Kickboxing & Pro Muay Thai themselves. However, for "Suspicious" reasons, these requests seem to mysteriously disappear when any new law comes up for recognition. It's no mystery why "The List" has never been updated or dissolved, and it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out who is behind the work to keep the WKA "Monopoly" for Pro Kickboxing & Pro Muay Thai Sanctioning in the State of New York. It's sad when great fighters as well as the many New York Promoters who have contacted other sanctioning bodies to sanction their title fights and events are out right forced to sanction their events, and more so, their "PRO TITLE FIGHTS" with just one organization recognized only in the North Eastern region of the USA rather than other "WORLDWIDE" recognized organizations for their Pro Title Bouts.

9-28-10: Glenn Alleyne of the New York State Athletic Commission informed other sanctioning bodies that this list is being updated/changed to allow other kickboxing sanctioning bodies to sanction Pro Kickboxing in New York, however, as usual, and as expected, no such change or update took place...


9-28-10: AMATEUR KICKBOXING / MUAY THAI are Not regulated by the boxing commission and can be sanctioned by ANY Sanctioning Body such as the IKF (International Kickboxing Federation - Kickboxing & Muay Thai) (Glen Alleyne, New York State Athletic Commission)

11-29-12: Glen Alleyne of the NY State Athletic Commission (He is the Community Coordinator) confirmed today that AMATEUR MMA is ALLOWED In New York and there are NO REGULATION REQUIREMENTS! In other words, Amateur MMA Events DO NOT need to be sanctioned and or regulated by any sanctioning body. The events regulation falls under the oversight of the event promoter... Who will Police Themselves... Lets see how that works out...
Although NOT REQUIRED, promoters looking to be fair and impartial to the fighters on their event may still sanction their events with a worldwide Sanctioning Body such as the ISCF, International Sport Combat Federation. (MMA).
11-29-12: Glen Alleyne of the NY State Athletic Commission (He is the Community Coordinator) confirmed today that ONLY PRO MMA is ILLEGAL in New York.

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